Serfaus Fiss Ladis

Holiday Resort Serfaus Fiss Ladis

Your resort lies upon a beautiful and sunny plateau above 1.200 m - 1.400 m sea level, overlooking the Upper Inn Valley. Its location offers you unique and endless recreational activities during the summer and especially in the winter season. We invite you to visit our region, explore and find out…

Ski in ski out - TyroLadis Chalets next to the Fiss Ladis ski slope
Ski in ski out - TyroLadis Chalets next to the Fiss Ladis ski slope

Ladis – a traditional Tyrolean village

The resort‘s history reaches way back. An abundant townscape formed artfully over the  centuries with Ladis claiming the finest fresco decorated buildings in the region (Rechelerhaus, Stockerhaus and the parish hall). Furthermore the picturesque Castle Laudegg  built upon mighty rocks and its neighbouring small castle lake provides Ladis an unrivaled and unique character in Tyrol.



TyroLadis - Chalets Serfaus Fiss Ladis 

TyroLadis is right in the middle of the ski region Serfaus Fiss Ladis

Ladis – a romantic Tyrolean mountain village

Glide with the cable car ‚Sonnenbahn‘ directly from the village into the sunshine plateau‘s winter wonderland. You’ll find cultivated hospitality in fantastic hotels, guesthouses, appartments and private quarters. A pure romantic, positive vibes and a great deal of fun … a village with an unmistakable ambience and flair… enjoy your après-ski, sledging, ice- skating, ice-curling and many activities more….


Ladis is located 1.180m above sea level, has around 540 residents and measures 710ha.

Ladis, first named ‘ecclesia de Laudes'  has been documented since 1220 A.D. Ladis along with Fiss belonged to the main parish of Serfaus.  The ‘Ladr’ (this is how the residents are named) were exhorted to attending  service in  the  parish church of Serfaus on principal feast days instead of participating in Prutz.   


Only later in 1520, Ladis and Fiss receive their own vicar cooperator.    Curated after 1661, Ladis became a parish in 1891 A.D.

The parish church is dedicated  to the Holy Martin (first consecration dated 1497 A.D.) and the new church was erected between 1829-1831.   A selection of remarkable buildings are found in the center of ’Old Ladis’.


The  foundations date back to the Romanesque around (1000-1300 A.D.) The Romanesque Style is found on numerous round archways and entrances  around Ladis.   


Historical records dated back to 1212 A.D. report that ‘Nikolaus Schederle’ a local  shepherd discovers a spring named the ‘Sauerbrunnquelle’ in Obladis. 


Emperor Max’s physician named it ‘das heilsamste Wasser’, which literally means ‘the healthful water’. 


It are these sulphur springs that made Ladis-Obladis develope tourism at an early stage.  Numerous guests alongside kings and emperors made use of the drinkable water to ease  pains and heal their illnesses.   


In Ladis you will also find the beautifully restored thirtheenth century castle ‘Laudeck’.  


Archeo logical findings classify this castle as an old Roman watch tower.

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